Hi. I'm Jen.

I'm inviting you to LAND where you are.





I Believe in the Power of Stillness

I founded MINDFRESH: The Standard in Corporate Mindfulness in 2014 with an intention: create opportunities to pause during busy work days so we can redirect our focus from out to in. As we train ourselves to become still in a fast-paced world, we begin to prioritize intuition over information. We navigate life and work in more purposeful, connected, and creative ways.

To Create Connection

Over 75 teachers have become certified in the MINDFRESH approach to corporate mindfulness. You can find us in cities like New York, Zurich, Toronto, Los Angeles, Munich, Miami, San Francisco, London, Berlin, and Tel Aviv. As a collective, we’re responsible for 22,500 moments of stillness (and counting) at some of the world’s leading companies.

My Story

I used to struggle with stillness. Sometimes, I still do. It’s a “practice” I choose to train in. I moved to New York City 16 years to work in tech, so fast was a pace that always felt fine for me, until one day, it didn’t. I was experiencing chronic back pain, insomnia, and anxiety, even though things on the outside were going great. A crossroads emerged: start taking pills or learn to be still. I chose the latter, accepting an invitation to focus more attention on what’s happening inside than outside.

My Mission

Now, I offer this invitation to others. In choosing to know ourselves deeply, we can move beneath our ever-changing mental patterns, narratives, tendencies, triggers, and preferences, and start operating from a place of stability: intuition. It’s the best leadership training out there. Eventually, but inevitably, we’re refine our thoughts, words, and actions. When we go in, what we can offer out into the world becomes much greater and more powerful. Life may still be fast-paced, but we experience it with more grace, clarity, and purpose.

My Work

I teach yoga and meditation in studios, and also in the world’s busiest offices, to create the conditions for people to go inward. I train other teachers to do the same, and we do this work together to elevate consciousness, because it’s what the world needs now. I speak at organizations, off-sites, and events on how deeper awareness through stillness leads to sustained behavior change. I also help mission-driven brands integrate mindfulness into their culture, content, curriculum, and products.

My Training

I’ve been a student of yoga and meditation for 12 years, and teaching for the last seven. As an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Teacher, I’ve received 800 hours of formal training in an internationally-recognized method. A desire to sit, practice, listen, and be still in the presence of Masters has brought me to India five times. I also have extensive training in business development, sales, strategy, content creation, and management. This diverse background allows me to make ancient wisdom accessible and inviting for busy, modern people.

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