Hi. I'm Jen.

a social entrepreneur, mentor, public speaker, writer,
and teacher of yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

I’m a Warrior for Peace

I founded MINDFRESH in 2014 to bring peace to the office in the digital age. I believe peace is what the (corporate) world needs now, and it also happens to be the source of qualities that bring us success. We’re most creative, confident and composed in a peaceful state.

My Story

Peaceful isn’t my natural state. I had chronic back pain, insomnia, and anxiety while building a media career in NYC. When a spine specialist confirmed the physical pain was coming from an agitated state of mind, I was confronted with an option: medication or meditation. I chose the latter, and it naturally brought about a more peaceful state in both body and mind.

My Mission

I teach mindfulness in the world’s busiest offices as a way to re-introduce people to someone very important: themselves. As we become more aware of what’s happening around us and within us, in each moment, we refine our thoughts, words, and actions. We begin operating from a more peaceful state.

My Peaceful Training

I’ve been a student of yoga and meditation for ten years.  The last five, I’ve been teaching what has been passed down to me.  I leverage my corporate past to make mindfulness relatable.  As an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Teacher, I’ve received 800 hours of formal training, studying with renowned teachers in New York and India.

My Vision


I’ve trained teachers across the globe in my corporate mindfulness approach. Collectively, team MINDFRESH is responsible for over 22,000 mindful moments at the world’s most dynamic companies.  MINDFRESH has presence in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Seattle, Munich, Charlotte, Miami and Singapore.

Partner Spotlight


I’ve developed in-room mindfulness content for international hotel brand, YOTEL. 

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