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Partnerships and Speaking Engagements

  • 2018 TEDx Wilmington Women Speaker
  • Founder at MINDFRESH, the Standard in Corporate Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness provider for Fortune 500 companies
  • Mindfulness teacher to high profile executives
  • 12 years practicing and 7 years teaching yoga and meditation
  • 800 hours of formal training in the Jivamukti method
  • Extensive study in India in Ashtanga yoga and Advaita Vedanta
  • Passed Advanced Certification Board Exam at Jivamukti Yoga School NYC in 2016
  • Trained over 75 teachers internationally in the MINDFRESH approach
  • Head of Practice & Community Development @ Longpath Labs
  • Early stage team member with post-IPO exit @ Pandora Radio

  • Guiding those with overactive minds into stillness
  • Introducing them to formal and informal mindful techniques that can be practiced with guidance, or without
  • Creating conditions for new physical, mental, and emotional awareness to emerge, which can lead to updated behavior and responses
  • Helping people move beyond intellect and into intuition
  • Inviting them to experience a sense of connection over differences with others
  • Creating written or recorded content and curriculum for aligned brands
  • Making esoteric concepts grounded, approachable, and practical

Brand Partners

I’ve created original mindfulness content to enhance customer experience for inspiring brands.

Select partner shoutouts:


Speaking Engagements

I have been invited to speak at Fortune 500 and startups alike to teach mindfulness as a practice to cultivate leadership, composure and confidence.

Previous speaking engagements include:



"Jen has been an incredible partner, educator, mentor, and friend over the years. We have worked together on a number of initiatives, from bringing mindfulness and movement to employees across various tech companies, to working on the content and themes of panels at events like Grace Hopper. Jen is who I turn to when I need advice and guidance on how to engage employees so that they can develop the tools to help move through their lives (including their lives at work) — from a centered and sustainable place. Our topic at Grace Hopper, for example, was all about bringing mindfulness into the workplace, with a focus on managing team, setting boundaries, and self-care.

I have a hard time describing her energy and presence because it is so rare. Strong, focused, present, kind, compassionate, creative, articulate, inspiring, motivating, and thoughtful are all words that come to mind. I will jump at the opportunity to work with Jen on any project — from live speaking engagements, to internal workshops and programming, to digital content (audio podcasts, etc) — and so should you."

Colleen Finnegan, Manager, Recruiting Marketing, Squarespace

"Jen is levitatious - she lights up every room she enters with a kind and calming presence. Her approach to bringing ancient wisdom to a modern day practice makes mindfulness accessible and effective - engaging even the skeptical. We’re all better people by knowing her."

Jade Ku Sonkin - Learning for Transformation Director at L’Oréal

“Jen and her team came into Richemont recently to speak about mindfulness. I can not say enough positive things regarding my experience working with Jen. Her presentation was engaging and inspiring! She was able to speak to mindfulness in a practical and realistic way that resonated with the team. We are beyond happy to have worked with her and highly recommend her to anyone or any company looking to engage with mindfulness!”

Stephanie Zawaki, Talent, Inclusion and Engagement, Sr. Manager at Richemont