MINDSET 12.18.2017

Svaha.  (Prounounced:  swa-ha)

I remember learning a mantra several years back and the Sanskrit word, svaha, wrapped it up at the end.

Svaha translates to "so be it", and in Eastern traditions, it's also chanted when fire sacrifices are made.

As we wrap up another year, svaha.

It’s an invitation to surrender to the way it all played out in 2017.  It’s an opportunity to throw any resistance of our current reality into the fire.

Accepting what is doesn’t mean giving up and it doesn’t mean that things can’t improve.

It means we now have enough awareness to get through the challenges, instead of getting stuck in them.

Resistance can lead to anger, fear and frustration.  Acceptance can lead to strategic action.

With resistance, emotions pull us in all directions.  With acceptance, we go forward.

So be it.


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