On Point

“I don’t know whether it’s me changing my mind, or whether I lie a lot… I change my mind all the time… You can’t stand still on one point for your entire life.”  – David Bowie

Wandering the streets of Paris, I’m reflecting on how much has changed in my life since my last visit… six years ago.

I was certain of so many things back then and assumed I would feel that way forever.  I changed my mind.

When we’re fixed in our ways of thinking… fixed in our ways of self… change isn’t graceful.  Rigidity makes transitions awkward and uncomfortable.

Nature is always on the move, and humans are part of the natural world.

If we have the awareness that everything is naturally in flux, we can start to loosen up a little as we evolve into whatever’s next.

I’m not saying that we don’t stand for anything and just become fickle.  I’m saying we can leave room to expand.

While we’re standing still on this one specific point in our lives, presence lets us completely own it (David Bowie-style).

With more presence, we’re confident, trusting (it’s just what we need right here and right now), and therefore, steady.  But, we’re not fixed.

When it’s time to move to the next point, presence makes it a bit easier to just go with the flow. 

Still expanding,
Founder @ M I N D F R E S H

Image:  @clairesalvo

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