This is Better

“I’m supposed to be somewhere else.”

I could be practicing meditation and feel an urge to respond to emails at my computer.  I could be at my computer responding to emails, but feeling that I should really on a beach somewhere.

It’s this constant background noise that another scenario is better for me than my current one.

One of the mind’s primary functions is to compare — this is better than that.

Our ability to compare how or why one is better than another is important when we’re looking at month over month reporting or picking a new vendor.

It’s letting our mind run wild, comparing when it’s not necessary, that takes away from our experience right now.

Eastern wisdom tells us that everything we need is contained in this moment.  What could be better than that?

What if we could really trust that it’s all right here?  (Even within those moments that feel mundane.)

Think about all the times you had somewhere better to be, but looking back, you see clearly that being in that exact space and place was important.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Awareness trains the mind to recognize that.

I’m here,

Founder @ M I N D F R E S H

Image:  @sophiederrickart

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